Beard Transplant

With beard and mustache transplantation, you can get the strong beard you desire and the strong image you dream of.

Beard and mustache are the basic and vital image indicators for men. Beard may not appear due to genetic factors or beard loss due to vital problems. With beard transplantation, the problem can be solved easily.

Beard transplantation is an operation that takes 8 hours and results in 6 months. Hair follicles taken from the nape region by the FUE method are placed in microchannels opened in the area to be transplanted.

The transplanted beards fall out within 2 months and start to grow powerfully and naturally. The beard, which has gained prominent appearance after 6 months, completely grows up at the end of 1 year.

In beard transplantation, soft anesthesia is applied so you do not feel pain. The day after the operation, the first medical dressing and first washing are applied. In this way, the transplantation area is cleaned by performing the first dressing and washing.

We recommend that you do not shave for the first 1 month, but if you need to shave, you can only shave after the 10th day, and you should only shave the tips of beard with great care by using scissors.

Beard transplantation is a simple surgical procedure and must be performed by a specialist in a high standard clinical setting. The team’s experience greatly affects the success and outcome of the operation. During planting, the density of planting and the angle of planting are important factors in the beard’s natural appearance. Beard that is planted with a successful operation looks completely natural and it is not even distinguished that the beard transplanting has been applied.

The number of grafts to be planted varies from one another. Mostly between 2000 and 3000 grafts are planted. For those who have no beard or those who have a more dense beard, should be firstly analyzed and then planting procedure should begin according to the analysis.

The beard line is important and affects its natural appearance. Before the operation, you determine the limit of your beard line with the specialist, and the operation is done accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to ask your questions to us. Our specialists are glad to answer all your questions.

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