DHI vs FUE Hair Transplant

Comparing DHI and FUE Hair Transplantation : DHI and FUE Hair Transplant are two different hair transplantation methods that both lead you to successful results.

FUE Hair Transplant method is the most common method. DHI Hair Transplant is a method used since 2019 with the development of CHOI pens.

Both methods result in very successful outcomes with an expert team in their field.

The most important difference between these two hair transplantation methods:
» You need to shave in FUE method but in DHI method you can have hair transplantation without shaving

» In FUE hair transplantation, grafts taken are placed in micro channels opened in the bald area, and transplantation is performed.

» In the DHI method, micro channels are not opened in the bald area. Grafts placed in CHOI pens developed for hair transplantation are injected directly into the bald area.

This difference is preferred due to its advantages and disadvantages.

The DHI method has the advantage of hair transplantation without shaving but a high number of hair transplantation is not possible. Maximum 3500 grafts can be transplanted in one session. Since the micro canal is not opened in the bald area, the recovery time is faster, it heals in about 15 days. Increasing density in sparse hair, concentrating in the hairline area is the optimal option and the right choice for women.

In the FUE method, the maximum number of hair can be transplanted as much as you need. The fact that 6000 grafts can be transplanted in one session after shaving. It makes it the most reasonable factor for preference. Also, the healing period is just 1 month, after 1 month the rash heals.

If more than 3000 grafts are needed, we strongly recommend that you choose the FUE method. If around 3000 grafts will be planted or if there is only a need for increasing the density of hair, you should choose the DHI hair transplant method.

According to the current condition of your hair and the number of grafts your hair needs need should be the important factors in your preference. We recommend that you should consider the expert’s analysis and recommendation in this regard.

If you are unsure, you can ask your questions to us. Our experts will gladly assist you.

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