Factors Determining The Quality Of The Hair Transplantation Clinic

You may have searched for a permanent solution for hair transplant problems and as a result of research, you may have decided that hair transplantation is the most effective method.

Yes, it is undoubtedly a hair transplant operation that gives the most definitive answer to the problem. Hair transplantation will bring you back your bushy and healthy hair.

Although a hair transplant procedure seems like a small procedure, it is actually classified in surgical intervention. These kinds of operations, which require years of education and experience, should only be performed by doctors and medical teams specialized in hair transplantation.

It is more difficult for any mistake in hair transplantation to be compensated later than the operation itself. The fact that the people you watch on TV and who introduce themselves as a doctor without medical education threaten human health. Hair transplantation is a permanent operation so that you should be very careful and selective in making decisions. 

The best doctor and hair transplantation center combination should always be the most important criteria. The quality and reliability of a hair transplantation center are very determinative and essential factors in the successful conclusion of the operation.

1- The most important factor in evaluating the quality of a hair transplantation center is that hair transplantation operations are carried out by a medical team who has medical education and who is experienced in hair transplantation and who has experience.

Hair transplantation is an operation that will enable the person to regain healthy hair with a natural appearance when performed by the right experts with the proper conditions.

2- A hair transplantation procedure cannot be considered apart from the medical science, so it is extremely important that the operations are performed in a hospital environment, using high-quality and modern devices in a correct and appropriate way, and that they can apply them in-house by following the developing technologies and hair transplantation techniques worldwide.

3- A client who is planning hair transplantation will want to know to what extent their expectations will be satisfied before they comprehend the quality of the clinic.

For this reason, the previous clients’ pleasant comments about hair transplantation experience, the ratio the number of patients transplanted, and the satisfaction rate of hair transplantation play a major role in shedding light to people who consider hair transplantation operation.

4- Showing before-after photos should not be the only base to rely on hair transplantation centers to persuade patients. It will be much more meaningful to see patients face to face who have had hair transplantation. You can choose the hospitals and clinics where you can find this opportunity.

5- A quality hair transplantation center that provides international service to patients from different countries of the world is expected to have experienced patient representatives who will provide interpreters and guidance support to their patients.

In this way, by establishing an effective connection between the patient and the medical team, both the patient has a nice experience and the doctor works efficiently.

6- In addition to providing professional support and consultancy services to the patients before the operation, the patients should be fully informed about all procedures and treatments to be applied in both medical and administrative aspects. The clinic communicates effectively with the patient so that all possible problems can be prevented caused by misunderstanding.

7- A quality hair transplantation center should record all information of the patient, such as the number of grafts to be transplanted, the areas to be transplanted, the patient’s allergy status, or the use of medication on electronic platforms. Patient registration and follow-up information are saved in the system while maintaining their personal information.

8- During the physical examination, medical hair analysis, and various tests are examined and it is very important to make the correct diagnosis to the person, to determine the suitability of the hair transplantation and to state the situation in case it poses a risk.

Clinic personnel who knows that human health is paramount will inform the other treatment methods and options and provide the necessary support to find a solution.

9- The hair transplantation center regularly carries out follow-up controls the operation results of the patients who have undergone hair transplantation. Long-term professional relationships are established, which is one of the biggest indicators of the given value and important to patients.

10- A clinic that is aware of the significance of the safety of patients and the employee must be protected takes the necessary precautions. Therefore it will also show the same care in providing hygienic conditions.

For instance, we can say that all medical materials used in operations are sterilized and used exclusively for that patient.


We recommend that you keep all of these issues on one side of your mind. Thus, you will be more likely to make the right decision in this operation that will affect your life. When you have hair transplantation, you may not always have a second chance. If you have had an adverse operation, it will naturally be much more difficult to fix it. It should be known that the most successful hair transplant operations are achieved by the correct setup of the first operation.

Turkey is in the center of the world in terms of hair plantation. To come this successful level in plantation, Turkey owes it to have great experienced specialist doctors. But at the same time, as the sector grows up, you may meet people who take advantage of this as an opportunity and introduce themselves as an expert as a hair transplant specialist.

As a result, in a country where there are so many successful doctors, you will have to do hard research to make the right choice.

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