FUE Hair Transplant

With hair transplantation, you can regain the hair you desire and the strong image you dream of.

Hair loss and baldness are not a permanent problem due to genetic factors or vital reasons. With FUE Hair Transplantation which is completed development at the end of 1 year, you can have strong hair and impressive image.

The most important advantage of the FUE Hair Transplant Method is the high number of graft transplantation. Just in one session, 6000 grafts of hair follicles can be planted. For a high number of grafts, the donor area should be sufficient, if the neck area is not sufficient for the graft, the beards took from the lower region of the chin are used as donors. It is the most common hair transplantation method used today and gives successful results.

Hair follicles taken from the donor area by the micromotor are transferred to the bald area. Nose and over-ear areas are used as donors, and hair follicles are not shed because of their genetic properties.

Operations performed with the FUE method vary depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted, but it takes about 6-8 hours. Transplanted hair follicles fall out in the first 3 months and start to grow naturally again. It starts to appear after 6 months and continues to grow. It takes almost one year to reach the final appearance.

The most crucial factor for a successful outcome is the success of the operation. Hair transplantation is a low-level surgical procedure and must be done by a specialist in a clinical setting. The experience of the expert and the team has a major effect on the success and outcome of the operation.

The hairline is an important factor in the natural appearance of the hair after reaching the result. A hair transplant from your natural line gives you a completely natural result. The hairline is determined with the expert team before the operation.

It is performed completely painless with SOFT Anesthesia applied with sedation.

Before the operation with the expert team hairline is determined. When you reach the final appearance after the operation, having a hairline coherent with your natural look will make the operation more consistent with your natural look. Transplanting hair coherent with your natural hairline will give you a more natural look.

The operation is completely painless and performed with SOFT anesthesia applied with sedation.

Everyone between 24 – 60 years old is suitable for hair transplantation. For those with severe health problems or those who have previously had health problems, the specialist needs to be informed and evaluated.

On the day after the operation, the first wash, medical dressing, and PRP treatment are performed by the team in the clinic. A hair care kit provided to you, you can continue to care for yourself later.

Things to Pay Attention

» For the very first 3 months, you can only shave with scissors. Otherwise, if you use electric razor can damage hair follicles, so that after three months, you are free to shave with the electric razor.

» For the first 6 months, you should not swim in the pool but after a third month you can swim

» For the first 3 months you should not do heavy sports.

» After the operation, you will be informed in detail by the specialist. Following the specialist’s instructions will affect the success of the process. Please follow the specialist’s instructions.

Please feel free to ask your questions to our team. It is our specialists’ pleasure to answer your questions.

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