Hair Transplant Before and After 4000 Grafts

How is the result of 4000 graft hair transplantation? First of all, how many grafts will be transplanted is determined after the analysis of the hair transplant specialist. Your hair is checked without shaving, and your hair is shaved and analyzed again.

As a result, the number of grafts to be transplanted is decided according to the number of grafts needed by the bald area and the suitability of your donor area.

The next stage is planning according to your forehead line and hair transplant operation.

The transplanted hair falls out in the first 3 months and grows naturally and strong after the 3rd month. Click for detailed information about hair transplantation.

This case is 4200 grafts of hair transplantation and 8 months of results.


Hair Transplant 4200 Grafts Result – After 8 Months

Care is important after hair transplantation. For this, we recommend that you follow the instructions and recommendations of the specialist.

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