Hair Transplant Without Shaving After Operation

Do you want change? This is possible; You will have the hair of your dreams with hair transplant without shaving. You have two options for hair transplantation.

Firstly ; Fue Hair Transplant
If you choose this option, you will shave your head. This option for high number of grafts. Doctors can transplant up to 6000 grafts with Fue Hair Transplantation.

Second Option: Without Shaving DHI Hair Transplant. This option is a successful method for a maximum of 3000 grafts. With the DHI method, you can have hair transplantation without shaving. You can continue your normal life after the day of surgery.

In this example operation, you can see the result of the Without Shaving Hair Transplant operation in the curly hairstyle. This operation was performed by Este Prime Clinic.

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