Painless Hair Transplantation with SOFT Anesthesia

Hair transplantation and beard transplantation are important operations and it takes 6 to 8 hours depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. In this process, anesthesia is an important factor for the patient’s comfort.

Soft Anesthesia is a completely painless anesthesia technique by applying sedation.

Sedation is the application of the analgesic substance to the body at the appropriate dose based on the physical condition of the person. With Soft Anesthesia applied with sedation, hair transplantation is completely painless and more comfortable.

In the past, the analgesic active substance injected under the skin with the needle was not distributed to the area completely, and therefore a little pain was felt.

SOFT Anesthesia also eliminates this problem. SOFT Anesthesia is applied through a vein from the arm. The factor that increases the comfort here is that it is possible to apply it in specific doses and that the effect can be removed at any time by controlling it continuously.

As Este Prime Clinic, we apply Soft Anesthesia with Sedation in the hair and beard transplantation operations. Thus, our customers are more comfortable in the operation.

Advantages of Soft Anesthesia:
– It provides a high level of comfort in operation.
– No pain is felt.
– It allows to eat between the operation.
– It can meet the needs of toilets, breaks etc.

During the operation, the person becomes conscious and communicates with the team. The patient can continue his daily life after the operation.

Soft Anesthesia with Sedation can only be performed by a specialist.

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